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Saint Helena, California home of the Guilliams

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So, for my first day in town Ash and the girls showed me about the St. Helena. We went to the fancy coffee shop, out for pizza, and even drove to Napa. The pizza guy is from Rockland County, so the pizza is the best in town. After, that we relaxed a little.
I did notice that there is a library sale on Friday. So, I'm super excited!!!

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Drive to St. Helena

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So, on my long drive down I-5, I stopped in Weed, CA for a gas and lunch break. There is a great view of Mt. Shasta from Weed. I was able to get some great pictures from the gas station. I knew I was in California when I ordered a BLT for lunch and it came with an avocado on it. Not the greatest driving food, but it was really tasty.
After taking a crazy drive through the mountains I arrived in St. Helena. It was great to Ash again and finally meet her husband, Tom, and the girls.

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More Magnusons and an outdoor concert

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So, today I arrived at Aunt Karin's house. She is Kat's Aunt Karin from her dad's side of the family not to be mistaken with her Aunt Karen from her mom's side of the family. Aunt Karin has some really great gardens around her house. I could see myself sitting out by them drinking tea and reading a book.[b]


After having a nice dinner together Christie and I parted ways until August. It turned out to be my lucky night because Aunt Karin was performing in an outdoor concert with the Williamette Valley Concert Band. Aunt Karin plays the bassoon. During the concert I got to meet another one of Kat's aunts, Aunt Shelley. The concert was great, except a little cold. They even played some Cole Porter, whom I love.


Tomorrow morning I leave for Napa, which appears to be a little over and 8 hours drive from here.[b]

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Rental Car Madness

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There was a change of plans after I realized that the rental car company put an extra $1000 hold on my credit card. After speaking with them on the phone I was told that I would have to drive back up I-5 to the rental place to actually fix the issue. Ugh! Well, it was resolved eventually and I stayed an extra night with Mark & Venetia. The good news, I was able to go see Despicable Me in 3D. It was awesome!

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Off to Oregon

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Well, this morning I'm going to go pick up the rental car. Come back to the Magnuson's house and watch the world cup. It was great staying with my sister's in-laws, plus they have the best shower in the world. I promise to take a picture of it in August. I have pictures of the Magnuson Menagerie in my photo gallery. So, far I have all three of the upstairs animals. Now, I just have to hunt down the downstairs/outside ones.


After that I'm headed down to Corvalis, Oregon. Chris and I will be crashing with her father-in-laws sister, Aunt Karin. I would like to thank Aunt Karin in advance because she has cut down my 12 and a half hour drive considerably.

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